Wedding Facilitators

Wedding Facilitators are present at both the wedding rehearsal and the wedding to help ensure that the wedding runs smoothly.  Training is provided through “shadowing” current facilitators along with the use of a Facilitator’s Guidebook.  

This ministry involves some light set-up and take-down along with providing instructions and directions for the wedding party.  At the rehearsal, the facilitator will walk the wedding party through the procession, the ceremony, and the recessional.  At the wedding, the facilitator will assist with lining up the wedding party for the procession along with cueing those who are processing.  The facilitator also assists the Gift Bearers, and makes sure the cleanup instructions have been followed afterwards. Weddings are typically on Saturday at 1:30 pm with the rehearsal the day before from 5 – 6 pm.  Currently, wedding facilitators average 3 – 4 weddings each year.


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