Intercessions for the Feast of the Holy Family

Dec 29, 2013

That the family of the Church will be strengthened, purified, and renewed through the grace of Christ’s body and blood. We pray to the Lord:

For those charged with protecting society: that they will build a world in which family life is revered, protected, and promoted. We pray to the Lord:

For the universal respect of all human persons: that the culture of life will transform every human society and every human heart. We pray to the Lord:

For blessings on all families, that the love, the unity, the self-donation and the tenderness of the Holy Family will overflow to all families and make them truly happy. We pray to the Lord:

For families that struggle because of addiction, mental illness, chronic sickness, or ongoing trials of any kind: that they will be fortified and blessed with God’s special love, favor, and peace. We pray especially for those whom we hold in our hearts and those listed in our“Parish Book of Intercessions” both here and at the Adoration chapel. We pray to the Lord:

For all of those in our families who have died, that they might share in the everlasting glory of heaven. We remember: Ervin Langer, Dorothy Steinmann, ______________________, and today’s Mass intention:

4:00 PM Jerald Malecha †

8:00 AM Mulcahy Family Members †

10:00 AM Patrick Brown †

12:00 PM Parish/Parraquoia

5:00 PM Carol Houle †

We pray to the Lord…

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