Christmas Intercessions

That the Church may joyfully proclaim the birth of our Savior and transform the world through word and deed. We pray to the Lord:

For all nations and peoples, that they may know lasting peace. We pray to the Lord:

For all who seek the Lord’s light in their lives, finding their way out of darkness. We pray to the Lord:

That all those who are away from their loved ones today may they be filled with Christmas peace and joy. We pray to the Lord:

For all who celebrate the Christmas mystery in this place, inspiring one another to bear more courageous witness to Christ. We pray to the Lord:

For those who are ill in mind or body, that they may know the healing presence of Jesus. We pray especially for those whom we hold in our hearts and those listed in our “Parish Book of Intercessions” both here and at the Adoration chapel. We pray to the Lord:

That those who grieve for their departed loved ones may be consoled by the promise and joy of our Lord Jesus Christ. We remember: Ervin Langer, ______________________, and today’s Mass intention:

4:00 PM Bob and Donna Hirdler †

7:00 PM Parish/Parraquioa

10:00 PM Martin Thomas †

Wednesday, Dec. 25

8:00 AM Orville & Lorraine Quiggle †

10:00 AM Stu Thibodeau †

We pray to the Lord…

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