Dec 15, 2014 Parish Prayer Intentions

For bishops, presbyters, deacons, religious and all who teach and live the Gospel of Christ. We wait in hope:

  • For government leaders, for judges and legislators,for keen insight, clear judgment and concern for the common good. We wait in hope:

  • That, through the graces of Advent, our parish community may grow in the virtues of faith, hope and love. We wait in hope:

  • For the grace this week to be free of anxiety and to be generous in showing kindness. We wait in hope:

  • For all who are sick, for healing in both body and spirit. We pray especially for those whom we hold in our hearts and those listed in our “Parish Book of Intercessions” both here and at the Adoration chapel. We wait in hope:

  • For those whose death draws near, and for those who have died. We remember: Bob Peterson, Helen Hanegraaf, ______________________, and today’s Mass intention: 4:00 PM Bill Burnison † 8:00 AM Jerome Malecha † 10:00 AM Mary Ann Gruber † 12:00 PM Parish/Parraquoia 5:00 PM Marcella Doyle † We wait in hope:To create your first blog post,

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