Parish Nurses

Parish Nurses are Registered Nurses trained in holistic ministry to work with members of a congregation in many ways.   Parish Nurses welcome and encourage all Divine Mercy health care professionals from nursing (LPN/RN), paramedic, and doctors to assist in caring for our parishioners.

Libby Smith, R.N.



Griselda Lopez, R.N.


Sandy Muehlenbein, R.N.


Current Parish Nurses

What We Do

Hospital Visits

We visit and bring Communion to our parishioners at District One Hospital on Tuesdays and Thursdays. We assess if we can be of help with any health concerns while parishioners are in the hospital or after discharge.


The MN Health Ministry and the Concordia Parish Nurse Program offer retreats twice a year.

Resource Person

Any health related concerns may be discussed with a parish nurse and these will be kept strictly confidential. We will assist with referrals to appropriate services offered within the community.

Home Visits

We do home visits for those with health related issues. We will act as a liaison between parishioners and the community for the services they provide. A parish nurse does not provide hands-on nursing and will not replace any health care services. We can also bring Communion when we visit.

Church Bulletin

The Parish Nurses provide periodic health related notes and announcements of upcoming meetings, workshops, etc., in the Parish Nurse section.

Prayer Shawl Ministry

Parish nurses assist with the prayer shawl ministry.  For more information, please refer to the pastoral care page.

Upcoming Events

Calling all medical professionals:  Our parish nurses need your help!  Parish nurses provide first aide and do blood pressure checks during Spiritfest each year.  Please consider volunteering at their booth on Saturday or Sunday, September 16 or 17, even if only for a one hour shift. Contact Sandy at or Libby at for more information or to sign up. 

A Parish Nurse Prayer

As we care for our parishioners today,

be there with us,

O Lord, we pray.

Make our words kind;

it means so much,

and in our hands place your healing touch.

Let your love shine through all that we do,

so those in need

may hear and feel You.