Faith Formation 

Each of us is at a different point on the journey of faith.  We are here to affirm and to invite each other to move one step further on the amazing journey.  


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Adult Sacraments

  • Baptism, Confession, Confirmation, Holy Communion, Marriage in the Church. We walk you through a series of steps to prepare you to receive the fullness of grace and the sacraments.


Bible Study (for adults)

  • Various Series in the fall and spring - Watch the website and announcements


Elementary Faith Formation/1st Communion/1st Reconciliation

  • Registration Required.

  • Meets Wednesdays 6 - 7 pm, Oct. - April at DMCS.

  • Registration is ongoing.


Special Needs Faith Formation

  • Registration Required. 

  • This class is designed to help children/youth with special needs continue their faith journey.  There is a limited amount of space; register early.

  • Registration is ongoing.

  • Contact: Anna Blessing at 507-334-2266 Ext. 1021

Middle School Faith Formation - Lifeteen's The Edge

  • Registration Required. 

  • 5th - 7th grade

  • Meets Wednesdays Oct. - April, 6 - 7:30 pm at DMCS GYM.



  • Registration Required.

  • 8th grade+

  • Meets every Wednesday 6:00 - 7:30 pm October 2nd - April 22nd. 

  • Meets in the Bethlehem Academy Cafeteria. 


Youth Group

  • 8th-12th grade

  • Meets Wednesday at 7:45pm on nights with faith formation class.

  • Youth Room/Immaculate Conception Church Basement 

  • Watch the bulletin & website for additional social, spiritual and service events!


Faith Formation Contacts


Anna Blessing

Director of Youth Formation

Email Anna

507-334-2266 Ext. 1021

Mary LeBrun

Faith Formation Assistant (part time)

Email Mary

507-334-2266 Ext. 1015


Dora Mata

Hispanic Sacraments Coordinator

(part time)

Email Dora

507-334-2266 Ext. 1019


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