We are all ministers of hospitality!


“I cannot imagine a Christian who does not know how to smile.

May we joyfully witness to our faith.”  – Pope Francis


You are the light of the World!



You are commissioned to greet and show hospitality before any event, especially Holy Mass.




  • Do greet all, yet keep conversations brief (Visitors may sense a closed group and be less likely to engage)

  • Address people by name when possible

  • Warmly engage with eye contact

  • Do NOT ask if they are visitors rather, Say: “Hi I am…. It is a pleasure to meet you.”

  • Do NOT block the doors as it is cold outside and people need to get into the warmth.

  • Greet anyone who comes within ten feet of you.

  • Greet any Sunday before and after mass.  Your ministry is needed!

  • Try this:  Spend the first three minutes after Mass talking only to people you do not know. It takes about 3 minutes for guests to leave after Mass so it is important to make sure one of us has made contact with them. 

  • We are all ministers of hospitality!


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