Please join us on Tuesday, July 31 for a quiet and reflective opportunity to hear  God SPEAK TO YOU.

Rosary starts at 6:30 p.m. and Mass starts at 7:00. 

What is a Healing Mass?

All masses are healing masses, for God wants to heal you through the powerful sacrament of the Eucharist. It is His gift to the Church.


What Makes the Healing Mass Unique?

  • The theme of the entire mass is healing, from the celebrant to the musicians to the participants to the prayers.

  • At this Mass Father Livingston will pray for your individual needs.

  • Examples of prayer might be a physical, spiritual or emotional healing, a relationship problem or help to forgive.

  • God is doing the healing. The celebrant is the instrument that the Lord is using to provide a prayerful environment for Him to work in.

How Will I Know Something Has Happened?

  • A majority of the people prayed for will witness that they receive a gift of peace.

  • The healing may happen that evening but more than likely will happen over a period of time. Keep praying for your healing. We have found that people are gradually healed.

  • Even if you believe you were healed or your prayer was answered, keep praying and thanking God for that healing.

Fr. Livingston is an Archdiocesan Priest and Pastor of the Church of St. Paul.

Fr. Livingston will bring the Mass alive and show us how every Mass is a time for healing and to be set free from our physical, emotional and spiritual hurts.


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