Sacristans make sure the sacramental supplies (hosts, wine, chalices, linens, etc.) are in place before Mass. The mission of Sacristan is to set up the vessels before Mass.  After Mass, the Sacristan takes the vessels to the sacristy where the Priest or Deacon purifies the sacred vessels (ciborium, chalice, cups, carafe and cruet), which contain the body and blood of our Lord, Jesus Christ. The Sacristan Ministry is a behind-the-scenes service which can be performed by individuals or couples who wish to perform a needed service, but do not wish to be visible to the congregation. This requires a commitment to arrive about 30 minutes early for Mass and staying a few minutes after to oversee that the sacred vessels are cleaned and put away. This ministry is open to Adults, couples and families (as long as parents are present with the children). The parish will provide training in this ministry with as much “shadowing” of current sacristans as necessary in order to feel comfortable.


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