Adoration Chapel

Our chapel opened on Divine Mercy Sunday in 1998. Since then many adorers have prayed holy hours and visitors have come to spend quiet, prayerful time with Jesus. Without the dedication of so many, we would not be able to keep the chapel open. We invite you to join this very special devotion.


  • Have you been looking for a powerful encounter with God?

  • Have you been wondering if He hears your prayers?

  • Are you looking for someone who will lift the daily burdens of your life?


Come and spend some time with the one who loves you most. Our Lord waits for you in the adoration chapel where he is truly present!



The chapel is located on the east side of the Mother Samuel Building at 104 2nd Ave SW.



Once you enter the chapel, sign in on the visitor’s side of the guest book, and quietly enter the chapel. The chapel is open 24 hours a day, closing only during Mass times and for inclement weather. The door is locked during the nighttime hours; just ring the doorbell and the adorer will let you in. Please dress with dignity for yourself and the Blessed Sacrament.


Sign up for a regular hour

The body of our Lord should never be exposed unless there is someone there to adore Him! For this reason, we schedule adorers for each hour of each day of the week. 

If you would like to sign up for a specific hour each week, please contact Libby Smith at 507-331-0860 or send Libby an email. 

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Chapel Closing Protocol

The Chapel will be closed:


When Holy Mass is celebrated

  • The chapel is closed for Sunday and daily Masses. Church regulations say the chapel should be closed during times a parish celebrates Holy Mass so the faithful can attend.

  • We will not close the chapel during weddings or funerals or the Golden ages Mass. For Masses such as Fr. Livingston healing Mass etc., we advise adorers to find subs if they wish to attend.


For Inclement weather: 

  • When the city declares a snow emergency and cars cannot be parked on city streets, the chapel closes overnight until the natural opening in the morning. 

  • When the temperature falls below -10 with dangerous wind-chills, the chapel is closed overnight.  Chapel will be open during day hours unless conditions are so bad it is dangerous.

  • When  weather conditions make it such that prudence dictates we close the chapel. If we have your current phone number, you will be notified.


During Major Parish Events:


Holy Thursday - Closes from 6 p.m. until 6 p.m. on Easter Sunday.



Closes at 3 p.m. Christmas Eve Day and reopens at 2 p.m. Christmas Day.


Thanksgiving Day:  Chapel closed from 8 a.m. - 6 p.m. 


Spirit Fest: Chapel closed from 7 a.m. - 6 p.m.


Our Lady of Guadalupe Mass  and Memorial Mass in November:

Chapel not closed. Please find a sub if you need one. 

Other Holidays: Open for all other holidays except over Mass times.



Affected adorers will be called when the chapel is closed for inclement weather or parish events.

You will not be called for the Triduum or Christmas Eve/Day closings. These are constant every year and it is posted well ahead of time.